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Robotics & Engineering

The program is intended to encourage community involvement, expose students to real world experiences, demonstrate how various disciplines connect and merge to create and innovate technology, sciences and everyday products and services.

Odyssey of the Mind

In our Odyssey of the Mind classes, our students learn to feel pride and accomplishment in creative problem solving. Every year they prepare for the annual contest held from the regional level, states level, to world finals!

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Socratic Circle

In Socratic Circle, all our students get together and talk things out. From internet safety to world events, no stone is left unturned here! Not only is our Socratic way demonstrated here every Friday, it's in all our classes as well!


Every year, students at Soc Prep get together to help make our very own yearbooks! They take photos, design spreads, write content, and more! This club has no shortage of fun and activities and students feel pride at the end of the year when their work is actualized.

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Spicy Spruce



Astounding Aspen

Tremendous Truffula    

Persistent Palms


The houses consist of students from grades 1 to 12 who collaborate to earn 35,000 points for each house on Liveschool.

Students can use these points to buy whatever they want at the school store. SocPrep went a step further, we are motivating our students to earn more points collectively as a group. Once each house meets their POINTS goal they will earn $2,000 by the end of semester one.

$1,000 will be used for a Full Blast SocPrep dance party and the other $1,000 will be donated to charities that each house supports.

The objective is for our students to work collectively for self-enrichment and in turn enrich the community around them.

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Maura Gallagher - Age 14
Samuel Konkol - Age 16
Samuel Eisenberg - Age 16
Sebastian Nibbe - Age 7
Rhys Ayers - Age 6
Isabella Otero - Age 8
Diangelo Rivera - Age 8
Margaret Kuffskie - Age 12
Margaret Kuffskie - Age 12
Juan Rivera - Age 14
Juan Rivera - Age 14
Adrian Pusarik - Age 14
Margaret Kuffskie - Age 12
Olivia Sacca - Age 14
Blake Buffington - Age 15
Allana Wheeler - Age 18
Allana Wheeler - Age 18
Makenzie Rodriguez - Age 17
Blake Buffington - Age 15
Gabriela Gilmonio - Age 12
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