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Faten Abdallah

Founder | Headmaster

Faten N. Abdallah M.A.Ed. has over 20 years of experience in management and administration, education leadership, and instruction K-12. She is a mother of three wonderful children who inspired and propelled her journey as an educator. She is a founding member of Socrates Preparatory School and is involved in initiatives to improve the educational system for all children globally.

Faten is remarkably skilled and eloquent in communicating with students, parents, team members and professionals. She has a passion for global citizenry and the cultivation of educational programs that transform our children into thinkers and contributors able to positively impact the planet we call home. Faten is consistently researching innovative methods to bring the love of learning and self exploration to the forefront of education. Her philosophy is founded on nurturing the whole child to develop and inspire the genius within.


Faten Abdallah
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